Archival extract is a literal layout of a part of a document concerning certain question, fact or person.

Archival copy is a literal layout of the whole text of a document in a printed, Xerox, photographic or other way.

To order archival extract/ copy citizens should apply to the University Archives at Lviv, Universytetska Str., 1 79000 during visiting days Tuesday-Thursday from 2 to 5 p.m. or send an e-mail or fax 261 60 48.

Citizens who order archival extract/copy by mail, email or fax, must attach a copy of their passport and certificate of education.

Deadline of the order is thirty days from the registration date. Having permission of the Archives administration and given the total number of such orders, the deadline may be extended or shortened to two weeks.

Archival extract/copy is issued to the applicant personally in the presence of a document certifying the person or another person in presence of a notarized power of attorney document and identity.

The application form for obtaining archival extract or copy.