Deposition of archival documents is aimed at ensuring safety of documents and creating conditions for their further usage for scientific purposes.

University Archives regulate, organize and describe documents free of charge, reserving the right to return the documents to the owner or destroy the ones that do not constitute historical value, with the consent of the owner of the documents.

Descriptions of documents and creation of scientific-reference system are carried out according to professional archival standards.

The owner of the documents receives lists and descriptions of documents after they are concluded.

The owner of the documents has the ownership papers. The owner of the documents or his authorized person or assignee are entitled to withdraw deposited documents given prior notification and reimbursement of the costs associated with ordering documents in the archive. The owner of the documents shall agree the ownership rights with the archive.

Documents submitted by the owner, are archived in Ivan Franko National University in Lviv. They should be stored in accordance with the Regulations on the conditions of storage of archival documents. Archival codes are given in order to identify archival documents. Archives create digital copies of the documents to protect their originals.

The right of access to documents and their usage is determined by the owner of the documents. Automatic access to document is given to the workers of the archives who provide the organization of the documents. In the absence of restrictions by the owner of the documents, their usage for research purposes is held according to the general orders and rules defined by archival legislation. Archivist reserves the right to refuse access to documents which have not been described and catalogued.

Usage and copying of documents shall be done according to the law on copyright and intellectual property rights. Publication of documents is possible only with the consent of the owner of documents.